Critical Groundwater Basins

How’s this for hypocrisy: The state’s own plan to increase unimpaired flows on the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers is directly at odds with its expressed policy of sustainable groundwater management.

The latest updated list of critically overdrafted groundwater basins proves it. The map was generated by the California Department of Water Resources.

Notice anything? The only part of the San Joaquin Valley not in critical overdraft condition is the portion of Stanislaus County east of the San Joaquin River. Basically, all the land between the Stanislaus River on the north and the Tuolumne River on the south.

But if the state follows through by taking billions more gallons of surface water away from those rivers — water that won’t be available to agribusiness — farmers with huge investments in their fields and orchards will have little choice but to pump more groundwater.

There is still time to protest the state’s plan, which is expected to be announced in March. Let the state water board know that you value agriculture and its critical place in our regional economy. Go to and join with hundreds of other concerned citizens to demand the state enact responsible water management policies.
Make your voice heard.  Join with us and send a letter of opposition to the state.

Critically Overdrafted Groundwater Basins

Groundwater Basins Critical Overdraft
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